Filters used to prolong the life of an existing filter downstream

EnviroShield Pleated Air Filter

ENVIROSHIELD Extended Surface Pleated Air Filters
MERV 8, 11, 13 Standard and High Capacity Pleated Air Filters

ENVIROSHIELD Polyester Pad Air Filters
1″ & 2″ MERV 8, 1/2″ MERV 5 Antimicrobial Poly Inserts. To be used in a galvanized steel frame.

Self-Support Pleated Filter Media
MERV 8, 11, 13 Standard and High Capacity, Highest Quality Pleated Air Filters. Wire & Non-Wire Backed. To be used in a galvanized steel frame.

Fiberglass Throwaway Air Filters
Fiberglass Disposable Filters MERV 5

Carbon Pleated Air Filters
Activated Carbon Pleated Air Filters for Odor Control

Panel Link Air Filters
Panel Link Filters available in Merv 8


Non-Standard Pleated Filters
Non-Standard pleated filters available in almost any size

Final Filters

Filters designed to remove very fine particles from an air stream for health or design purposes. Higher efficiency filters are used in applications that require a pre-specified degree of cleanliness.

Mini-pleat Extended Surface Filters
Mini-Pleat available in MERV 11,13,14, and 15 in beverage board, plastic, or metal frame.

Extended Surface Bag
High Performance Synthetic or Microfiberglass media with roll formed galvanized steel headers with aluminum supports. Available in multiple dimensions & in MERV 11, 13, 14

Extended Surface Rigid Filters
Rigid Cell filters with or without headers available in Merv 11, 13, 14, 15. Great for areas with limited inline space. Also come available with activated carbon.

ASHRAE Cell Filters
Designed for use in Variable Air Volume Systems, ASHRAE Cell filters come with moisture resistance media for high humidity applications and galvanized steel frame provides structural integrity.

Hepa filters can be sourced with metal or particle board housings and come available with or without headers, gaskets, faceguards, and rated at various velocities.

V-Bank High Eff. & Gas Phase Air Filters
V-bank filters offer greater filter performance without sacrificing inline space and filter efficiency. Use a gas-phase filter to offset the effects of odor-causing fumes and gases.

Paintbooth Specific Filters
Paintbooth specific media


Hardware, specialty filters and accessories for most filtration systems

Galvanized Steel Frames
Steel frames made of galvanized steel with a wire backing on one side allows for easy removal & replacement of polyester pad inserts or self-support pleated filter media.

Panguard HVAC Drip Pan Cleaners
Stop worrying about emptying and cleaning clogged HVAC drains, use PanGuard HVAC Drip Pan Cleaners!

Metal Washable Filter
1″ Metal filter made of corrugated aluminum within a galvanized steel frame.

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