Scheduled Air Filter Replacement

Remove the guesswork & make the most of your valuable time

Our CAFS will help you develop a program specific to your company’s needs.Our service is simple. We work with our customers to determine the type of filters that will be used and the frequency of the change outs depending on each customers specific needs for each site. The Certified Air Filter Technician removes & disposes of all existing filters and replaces them with brand new ones.

  • Technicians are equipped with Ipad’s enabling them to see all HVAC units and the filters that need to be replaced during each service for each individual site.
  • Technicians can document in writing any unit specific issues or concerns that they identify while on site.
  • All completed work tickets are reviewed and signed electronically by a store manager before the work order can be closed.
  • An automatic digital service report will be sent directly to the individuals in charge of the facility, notifying management of a completed service.
  • All FilterPro customers will have unlimited access to our web based facilities management system called Facili Trac. This is where all information related to their air filtration services can be found. Click here to learn more.


Already have an internal team that handles your filter change outs?

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On-Demand Belt Replacements

No Separate Service Calls Needed

While on site conducting filter replacements, all of our Certified Technicians will complete visual inspections & notify management of any issues. One common issue that occurs is broken blower motor belts. Our technicians carry standard size belts with them & can replace the belts when needed for a flat rate fee. This saves the customer time & money by proactively resolving the issue & ensuring the unit is operating efficiently.

Condenser Coil Cleaning

Enhanced Energy Efficiency & System Performance

One of the easiest ways to ensure your air conditioning unit is running efficiently is to clean your condenser coils. Over time, contaminants such as dust & pollen can build up inside your unit causing restricted airflow, especially on roof top units that are exposed to outside elements. This will cause the unit to run for longer periods of time at full power which not only increases your energy costs but also decreases the lifespan of the system. According to the U.S. Dept. of Energy (D.O.E.) a dirty condenser coil can increase your energy consumption by up to 30%. Our scheduled condenser coil cleaning services is a value-added service that when used concurrently with filter replacements, provides the most cost effective preventative maintenance option for your HVAC system.

Grill Vacuuming

Return Air Grill & Register Cleaning

Air returns, grills & registers can begin to collect a buildup of dust over time which can restrict airflow increasing your energy costs. Let our technicians keep your air returns looking clean with our grill vacuuming services.

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Why FilterPro Is Second to None

With the best technology and the most flexible service program available, FilterPro can meet your indoor air quality needs. Our technology allows us to detect potential problems with filtration systems before they occur, benefiting you by saving you money, stress and time. Every Certified Air Filter Technician is able to see and sign off on all filters changed at each service. If a filter is not changed, then the job cannot be closed. Our flexibility allows our service teams to be where they need to be, when they need to be there. Our streamlined service platform enables FilterPro to route as needed, and dispatch as needed.


  • More consistent filter changes = cleaner air
  • More control in scheduling filter changes secures the protection of your equipment
  • Managerial inspections on work performed ensures accountability between FilterPro and its clients
  • Cost Effective Pricing – the budget is there for a reason
  • FilterPro handles all inventory, making us full service!


  • Almost thirty years of experience in air filtration service
  • Bonded servicemen, well-trained, professionally-attired and readily identifiable


  • No inventory, storage or freight costs
  • No waiting or delays on filter deliveries to your facilities
  • Longer compressor and fan motor life due to increased efficiency and consistent changing of filters

Cost Effective

  • More cost-effective alternatives for technicians
  • Cleaner coils to start with result in less resources spent on re-cleaning coils down the road
  • HVAC Visual Inspection Report offers independent technician opinions on potential air filtration issues

Work Environment

  • Healthier work environment provided by the use of more efficient, anti-microbial filters
  • Decreased employee absenteeism caused by illness due to healthier work environment

Customer Service

  • Documentation by unit of completed work
  • Available references of customers using our service
  • Documentation of consistent filter/service performance for official governmental/internal review
Industries Served

See Our Areas of Expertise

At FilterPro, we can work on all commercial facility jobs, no matter how big or how small. Air filtration is a necessary component in every facility, and we are happy to provide our expertise to those seeking the best service.

State-Of-The-Art TechnologyFrom industrial plants to schools, we have done it all. Our diverse expertise enable us to address any concern you may have with your building’s air filtration system, no matter what kind of building you have. Each facility can be surveyed and inspected by one of our Certified Air Filter Specialists before service begins to ensure the correct material and service schedule is utilized when servicing your building.


The last thing anyone needs while experiencing jet lag is dirty air.


Schools & Universities

Top-of-the-line air filtration systems are crucial to providing healthy air to our students.



Ventilation and climate control are essential to running a successful automotive facility

Retail Stores

FilterPro also works on retail stores. We know your employees and clients deserve nothing but the cleanest air available!

Medical Facilities

We know your patient’s health is important to you, so FilterPro is dedicated to bringing your patients clean, healthy air.


The last thing customers want to have to think about when enjoying a hot meal with a loved one is the quality of the air. Let FilterPro give your customers the clean air they deserve!

Commercial Buildings

FilterPro has worked on countless commercial buildings, providing clean air to crowds of people.

Auditoriums & Arenas

Concerts and sporting events are much more exhilarating when there is clean air to breathe for all.

Government Facilities

From legislation buildings to DMV’s, we’ve worked on all sorts of government facilities.

Museums & Libraries

FilterPro has serviced many museums and libraries, providing the local communities with the cleanest air available.